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The CCFM Welcomes Stella’s!

The Centre culturel franco-manitobain (CCFM) and Stella's restaurants are pleased to announce a new partnership that promises to make the CCFM an even more vibrant and welcoming site.   Stella’s, Winnipeg’s well-known and established restaurant chain, is committed to offering daytime and evening hours in a special location whose mission is focused on promoting artistic and cultural activities en français.

"We are very delighted to announce that we will be entering into negotiations with Stella's to discuss the various terms of the upcoming lease, affirmed CCFM Board President, Gérald Clément. « We were very impressed with Stella’s comprehensive offer, which guarantees not only a great restaurant where customers will be able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner in licensed premises but also signals a sincere enthusiasm for sharing in our Centre’s mandate and locating in the heart of Saint Boniface.”  

"We are very excited at the idea of partnering with the CCFM, opening a restaurant in Saint-Boniface and contributing to the vibrancy of francophone culture, says Stella's CEO Grant Anderson. We have wanted to do something in this neighborhood for some time now and we feel that the CCFM is the location and the partner we have been looking for.”

At Stella's CCFM location, you will be able to have breakfast, lunch and supper as well as a full service bar with a distinctive francophone character and ambiance that will be ensured by a bilingual staff.

Stella's and the CCFM believe their respective clienteles will mutually benefit from projects emanating from their business relationship; whether it be cultural programming, increased use of the patio, CCFM’s hall rentals or Stella's catering services. In addition to contributing to the CCFM’s cultural mandate, having a restaurant that is open sixteen hours a day, seven days a week will create jobs and increase revenues for the CCFM. It also addresses a desire often expressed by the francophone community to provide a gathering place during peak programming hours in the evening.

“The CCFM considered two proposals brought forth in recent months. We thank the Cora Franchise Group for submitting an offer that we reviewed carefully. We recognize that Chez Cora’s has a faithful and satisfied clientele. For CCFM, it was not a  process of determining whether Chez Cora’s should stay or not beyond the terms of our existing lease; rather, it was considering all proposals equally and selecting the one that best fulfills our mandate,”  stated Mr. Clément. The current lease ends August 31st 2014.

In addition to the cultural center, we are reminded that the complex at 340 Provencher Boulevard also includes a theatre, a heritage centre, a community radio station and several other cultural organizations.  The CCFM is pleased to welcome a restaurant open during the evening which will complement the full range of services and activities currently available. The CCFM thus reaffirms its commitment to offer the community a cultural campus that is vibrant, dynamic and friendly where all Manitobans feel welcome.

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